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Facial acupuncture is a great way to enhance overall facial skin care as it aims to improve the quality of the skin, tone and complexion by relieving emotional and physical tension from the face by stimulating the facial muscules facia and blood supply. Small wrinkles  and blemishes often reduce to a minimum or in many cases disappear, where larger wrinkles can fade or soften. A change in complexion is often very noticable as the skin start to even out as treatment progesses. Facial acupuncture is also known to be successful in the treatment of bags or dark rings around the eyes and helps towards easing general puffiness and sagging of the face.

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Where Facial acupuncture uses stimulation to restore elasticity to the skin traditional Japanese Medicine believe hair loss typically has a root cause in one of the following genetic predispositions, elevation of stress hormones in the body, hormone imbalances (oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone etc), inflammation of hair follicles (often related to whole-body inflammation), insufficient blood circulation, insufficient blood production or autoimmune response. Eastern Medicine on the other hand looks at conditions from a whole-body perspective, symptoms that can be linked to hair loss from this point of view can include Stress, Insomnia, Bloating, reflux, constipation, Numbness, tingling or coldness in hands and feet, Sweating of palms and / or feet, Dizziness and Fatigue to name a few.

Acumhio understands that the cause of hair loss should not be attributed to a vast generic set of underlying conditions and that the solution may be connected to the bodies energy or hormone imbalance. Acumiho’s treatments can in many cases result in restarting the process of hair growth by using traditional herbal – acupuncture by addressing these imbalances and restoring the bodies natural flow.

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