About Acumiho
AcuMiho - MIHO ABE

AcuMiho - MIHO ABE

Acupuncture & Moxibustion Therapist

My attitude towards the art of Acupuncture is very Japanese, in respect of focusing on the traditional oriental qualities of the gentle, delicate, and artistic aspect in any genre. It is these qualities in particular that I strive towards and enjoy most, in both theory and technique allowing myself as a practioner to deliver a truly professional and authentic experience.



In 2003 I attained a National Qualification in Acupuncture & Shiatsu Massage from the renowned School of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Physiotherapy, my professional career progressed as I gained valuable practical experience while working for several well known clinics in Tokyo. After a few years I decided to move further afield and secured a position as a practitioner on the luxury ocean liner Azura. This tenure within their onboard health spa would not only take me to distant lands but would also allow me to distil my craft by applying my treatments to a more westernised culture.



These experiences allowed me to understand that I didn’t want to work within the mainstream but felt I needed to focus on the traditional application of Acupuncture. Returning to Japan opened new possibilities and I opened my own Acupuncture studio in Shibuya, Tokyo. This, you could say is where AcuMiho was born. Today, I welcome clients from all walks of life delivering professional consultations while offering advice on how to get the very best results from the treatments I offer either in the studio or as a private one to one consultations for clients who believe they respond better to my treatments in the privacy of their own homes.


My sensei taught me the fundamental technique and theory of Chinese medicine at a seminar, which I teach now.  I became her apprentice and visited  her studio Sanpodo every week observing treatments for all sorts of internal issues our patients had.  Since then she always took me as an assistant at school, seminars and conference where she gave lectures.


Sanpodo means little temple for 3 direction : we are open to everyone.  She started with her mum for over 30 years and thanks to the clients who came to her all still come make me feel special.


Please feel free to browse the information contained in this website and do not hesitate to contact me via my email form to discuss your Acupuncture requirements.